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Some Points in Getting Your NBI Clearance in Victory Central Mall – Monumento

I will not post a comprehensive step by step guide because there are posted guidelines in the “area” once you are in Victory Central Mall. If you have some questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Here are some Guidelines in random:

  • Don’t forget to bring valid ID
  • The easiest way to Victor Central Mall is through the LRT 1.
  • For renewals using your “card”, go directly inside presenting your NBI Renewal Card to the guards. No forms needed. The renewal kiosks machine closes at 2 PM. In case you came in later than 2 PM, pay at the cashier(step2) and proceed immediately to the Fast Lane. You may have to go back the next working day to claim your clearance.
  • Authentication is Free. Just pass a photocopy of your NBI clearance to be authenticated.


Please take note that this has been an outdated post, there has been a completely new system of clearance processing since their contract with the previous data provider expired.

They call it the NBI Biometric Clearance System.

IF you are from Metro Manila, it is best to go the NBI Clearance Center in U.N Avenue, Ermita, Manila(can be accessed through LRT1).

Take note that the Clearance Center in Victory Central Mall is no longer in bussiness so don’t go in there.
There are still kiosks and branches all over the Philippines so please check out their official website for the list.

The “renewal card” being issued before can no longer be utilized, but there has been other options such as online application (check their official website for payment options and processing).

Remember to bring at least two(2) valid ID.

If you’re from provinces outside Metro Manila, it is sometimes better to apply for NBI clearance in your area. This is due to the fact that there are less applicants to line with; thus, making your transaction faster. Although that isn’t the case to most branches since they usually also have less personnel to accommodate applicants.


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