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PNP Neuro-Psych Exam

The Philippine National Police (PNP) conducts Neuro-psych Examination to test mental stability, adaptability and psychological functioning of applicants before they are being recruited into service.

The examination comprises several parts. It includes a 35 items Aptitude (Adaptation) Test, Guilford Zimmerman Temperament Survey, Applicant Risk Profiler, The Industrial Sentence Completion Test, Work Environment Preference Schedule (WEPS), Hand Test, and  the “Drawing”.

The 35 items aptitude test or commonly, the IQ test, is taken only in 15 minutes. The proctors are strict regarding the time limit so never think that they will give you time extension. A lot, if not all of the applicants will not complete the test. They will remind you about that before the exam. Others might not even reach the next page. The wise thing to do is the usual trick of answering everything you can first, and then go back to difficult items incase you still have time.

On the other parts, the proctors will then give applicants enough time to answer. Time extensions are possible. They are mostly surveys answerable by YES or NO. Other are the same as the usual research survey types. I am talking about the questions answerable by choosing among “Strongly Agree, Agree, Neutral… to Strongly Disagree”.

In the Hand Test, the applicant writes a phrase that describes the given figure of hands, depending on what he/she perceives. The last part would be the “Drawing”. Here, you are asked to draw two persons in opposite sex. After that, you describe each drawing/make story of it in 4-5 sentences.

The first part should be the Information Sheet, although you can fill it up lastly. It is all about you; from your name, to your immediate family, and up to your strengths and weaknesses. You will be asked to write an essay about you in not less than 300 words.

The most important thing is to NEVER LEAVE ANYTHING BLANK. You have to answer everything and give what is being asked. Unanswered questions might determine whether you past or fail the exam.

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  1. Good Day,

    Sir may i know specific information about the “PNP Neuro-Psych Exam”
    ApplicanT kc ko daTi sa MiLitary pero Neuro din binagsak ko kaya worried ako kapag nag Neuro ko sa PNP..

  2. good day! medyo mahaba-haba kasi young entire Neuro-Psych exam, actually may final one-on-one interview pa yan with a psych, so there are no specifics. You just have to answer all the questions. Just be “you” when answering questions; and be consistent. Don’t show any violence in your words. Neuro-psych exam is to evaluate if you are among the mindset of average people, don’t think extra-ordinary. Madaming sobrang talino, sobrang honest, sobrang relax, sobrang kinakabahan at iba pang sobra ang bumabagsak sa Neuro-Psych Exam.

    Another point, don’t make extra-ordinary movements during the oral exam part/interview. In PNP, hand movements/gestures is discouraged. Just stand firm when talking. One final tip…be humble…pag nayabangan sa’yo yung interviewer, specially if he/she is the chief of neuro validation then you are out, that means wait for the next 6 months. Goodluck!

  3. Sir good PM,.,.naka take ako ng Neuro exam sa BJMP at bumagasak ako,.,.,,.,.wala pang Six months ang lumipas ,, Pwede po ba akong maka apply sa PNP para maka Neuro exam?,.,.

  4. @ Edsel, go ahead, apply ka lang, wala pa namang neuro-exam agad, pasa ka lng ng folder muna, most probably sa December pa ang next recruitment, unless kung sa Special Action Force ka apply, tuloy-tuloy kasi quota dun

  5. Salamat tol,
    Im a little bit nervous about the upcoming nuero exam(Aug 02-15 Davao City). kasi baka gawing dahilan or major set back(Tech-Foul) yung age ko, I’m already 30 years old now and this is my first time applying as a police; but on the other hand I have 2 PRC eligibility a nurse and midwife.With 2 years staff nurse as ICU burn nurse and 3 years clinical instructor at delivery room and psychiatric nursing at Davao Mental Hospital. Lastly pare I also have 33 units masters degree in nursing at San pedro college. tol pls i want to hear your wisdom on my case. tol i don’t have a backer or padrino o ninong when i decided to join the PNP recruitment. Si God lang backer ko tol and my qualification.

    hope to hear you soon


    • @ kent, with your eligibilities you could have applied for lateral entry in PNP-Health Service(@ Camp Crame, Quezon City), tapos na nga lang ngayong year at di ka na rin aabot next year dahil magiging 31 ka na. So the best thing to do is to pursue your application as a Police Officer 1. Hindi magiging set back yung age mo pre, magiging advantage mo pa yan kasi kailangan ka nang ipasok agad at dapat makapag-oath-taking ka before turning to 31. I’m not familiar with the “kalakaran” in Davao, but if you have applied in health service you won’t need such “padrino”. Prepare ka lang sa Physical Agility, marami ding bumabagsak dun kasi pataasan ng score dun. Goodluck! If you have other questions, I would be more than willing to answer.

      • Thnx tol, nag hihintay parin kami sa mga psychologist sa crame sa nuero namin, I guess the system was also the same with the crame kasi centralized yung command far dito sa davao very trasparent yung scoring system. tol nurse karin? kasi nabasa ko yung mga older post mo may medical terms ka. Ok tol i will inform you sa updates namin dito sa davao baka this week pare kasi KADAYAWAN dito sa amin inisa nalang lakad ata nila. thnx talaga tol.

  6. Sir nkpg file na po ako folder ko dito pro1,lm nyo po b sched neuro dito?synchronize po b lht ng region.tnx..

    • @ jom, regarding the sched, depende yun sa availability ng psychologists/ neuro validators sa area, kadalasan kasi per team ang punta nila sa mga regions galing sa National Headquarters kaya hindi talaga pwedeng magsabay-sabay ang neuro sa lahat ng regions, ang magsasabay sabay lang ay ang ‘oath-taking’. Lahat ng recruits ng PNP (national quota) magiging magkakabatch. Maliban na lang sa mga units na tuloy-tuloy ang recruitment gaya ng Special Action Force(SAF).

  7. idol hehe.. ano ba mga ok na answer sa mga mostly tough question sa neuro exam sa pnp? sabi kasi give 3 greatest fear, weaknesses etc. nag abroad na me recommended ung score ko sa neuro.. i ba ata dito sa pnp kasi may oral at in terms of written mas madami atang questions can u give me some dude? 🙂

    • @ lao, ganun sa PNP, by the way thanks for reminding, di ko na nalinaw sa post, the result of the neuro-psych exam is either you are RECOMMENDED or NOT RECOMMENDED, kaya madali siyang ipasa, at madali ring ibagsak, hehe, I won’t recommend answers p’re, baka kasi maging generic at lahat ng makakabasa yun na ilalagay, just be honest in giving answers. Hindi kasi siya gaya ng job interview questions na magsasabi ka ng weakness pero you are already working to overcome it, o kaya na-overcome mo na (by the way you can do that during the oral exams). Siguraduhin mo lang na kinatatakutan ng normal na tao yung fears mo, at kahinaan din ng normal na tao yung weaknesses mo 😉 goodluck!

  8. mga tol sa mlqu nag conduct ng neoro 1500 punta kayo dun sa recto bili kayo ng booklet pasado kayo

    • kung sa tingin mo kailangan mong gumastos ng 1,500 para pumasa sa neuro-psych exam sa PNP, kelangan mo ngang magbayad tol, hehe, and if that is true lalong sasama ang image ng PNP dahil sa mga bagong pulis (I’m not telling na walang nangayaring kakaiba sa PNP, actually wala akong idea). Iba pa rin pag ipinasa mo yung exam sa sarili mong sikap; at hindi yun mahirap. Isang paraan na rin yun para mas makilala mo sarili mo. Mas mahirap na kapag sa sarili mo mismo nagdududa ka.

      Linawin ko lang ulit, libre po ang neuro-psych exam sa PNP, may budget yun galing sa gobyerno, sa mga Security Guards yata ang hindi, pumupunta sila sa mga accredited clinics.
      By the way, sa mga hindi pa nakaka-alam, lahat ng napo-promote ngayon dumadaan na sa neuro-psych exam, hindi na lang sa recruitment at sa lateral entry.. 🙂

  9. tol gudluck sa amin na magtatake ng nuero exam. kaya namin to kasi test to sa sarili ko at dapat alam natin at kilala natin sarili natin.gudluck…

  10. wow mga pare, kami dito sa davao are still waiting for the nuero exams. late na kami dito nang 1 week. John of Bicol gud luck tol, just be honest and be consistent in your answers have faith in God.


  11. gud day mga mates..kaya natin to neuro-psych exam..just have faith in God ksi alam nya ang para sa atin hindi lang naman puro tyaga but still my pananalig tyo sa kanya…GOODLUCK…


  12. ah ok bro/sir,hehe now im enlightened..pero til now la p rin feedbck sa amin exam..di ko nga lm if naqualified ba ako or rejected or bka tpos na di na ako nainform..sayang effort sir,hehe

  13. FYI: I think mga tol ang nuero exam natin this batch will be simultaneously administer in all region from LUZVIMINDA to avoid any cross examinee from other region. They intended to administer this kind of system to avoid biases and multiple application from the applicant in short to give chance from others. Until now here in Davao we’re still waiting the nuero exams, according to reliable source the DBM (dept of Budget and Mngmnt) are still processing the budget for the PNP training allotment. Boardom noted nakakabagot na, But as the old wisdom says Patience is a Virtue

  14. sna mga tol cno man sa atin maqualified as a police officer,baguhin natin naghihikahos na imahe ng kapulisan,alisin natin ang yabang mas maging humble p sna tayo sakaling in service of the filipino people na tayo,dedikasyon sa trabaho,good passion,dedicated public servant kc nga “public service is a public trust” di ba mga tol..bigay natin best shot always kht ala mga officers natin,sabi nga nila mkkta ang dedikasyon sa trabaho kpag ngttrabahong alang nkkakita..and above all…be punctual!

    • tama and be urself sa lahat ng mga tanung..

    • yes sir!that was the best advised ive ever heard…and the most important of all..police officers and all aspirants police should be a God fearing person..that’s the only key na i think could change the image of a true servant “POLICE”..God bless us all mga kapwa q nais maglingkod sa ating mahal na bayang Pilipinas..

  15. still waiting…….. be patient ika nga…. kung sakali man makapasok tau, tayong batch ang babago ng imahe ng pnp, tau ang magpapagwapo hindi lng s sarili kundi sa pangalang PNP. gudluck…..

    john of bicol

  16. perhaps tuloy n neuro natin mga tol,hinntay lng cguro makaupo newly appoinhted pnp chief..sna mgkaroon ng malaking pgbabago..

  17. kelan kaya neuro exam ng nup applicants ng pnp

  18. parehas kaya ang exam ng nup n police

  19. tnk u sir, nakakuha rin ako ng idea……

  20. nuero na sa sept.19-21..

  21. sept 19 na ung neuro exam namin, just wish me luck sir!

  22. Nuero and I.Q exams in Davao City will be on Sept 20,2011 8am to 4pm for the 2nd batch at RTS 11 mintal training Camp. bring the ff:
    Black ballpen
    I.D valid or passport
    Pencil no2
    white long folder

    To all my mates God bless and just be consistent in our answer…Godspeed

  23. sir,
    what are the requirements for PNP, what to file? how to join? im from CAR
    im interested to join….what ever it takes.
    thanks…i appreciate it

  24. Goodluck to all applicants who will be taking the NP exams this week, sa mga tapos na, I hope for the best.

    Lilinawin ko lng yung ibang questions;

    @ lecdec, pereho lng exams ng non-uniformed personnel (NUP) saka sa mga uniformed, usually pareho lng din sa NP exams ng mga securuty guards, regarding the sched naman, depende sa may hawak sa inyo, pero definitely hindi kayo kasama sa schduling ng recruitment for P01, kung masasabay man kayo coincidence lang yun.

    sa mga ibang nagcomment, thank you for disseminating info mga tol, at least natutulungan natin yung ibang recuits;

    @ stiffler, I will write a separate post on that tol, pero sa ngayon baka hindi ka na umabot, nagsimula na kasi processing, ang pinakamaganda mong gawin, punta ka sa pinakamalapit na municipal police station, o para sigurado dun ka na magtanong sa Regional Headquarters ng PNP sa inyo, isasabay na kasi ngayon ang quota ng “attrition”, baka sakaling umabot ka pa, magiging problema mo lang kung sakali ay yung preparation ng folder…

    Further announcement, malapit na ang admission exam ng PNPA, kung may kakilala kayo na eligible, o pwedeng kayo mismo, inquire kayo sa police stations na malapt sa inyo, basic requirement= at least highschool graduate + not more than 21 years at the time of admission

  25. sir,knn pntwg lht applcnt from R1 for briefing and other info rgarding applcation,until nagstart na isa isa twgin pangalan nmin for height measuremnt etc, to qualified to next stage & that is the NP n gganapin bukas,nagtaka km nung bigla n lng sbhing tpos na ung A-Z surname n tnwag at sila ung mga mapalad n nqualified to undergo NP,pero almost 300 applcnt p nghhnty to mention their name at isa n ako dun,then here comes the announcemnt,ang siste hinati rw sa regular & attrition mga applicnt,regular : n kung saan sila ung priority where in majority sa knila criminolgy board passer whch 205 boys and 5 lady n LLB holder,naisip ko d po b descrimination with regards on what “passes” you are holding kc nga CSC,NAPOLCOM & Board Exam except the said course ay parang na set aside…lhat pumasok sa attrition,where in ddpende kami sa alotted quotas ng every municipality and unfortunely ung municipality where i belong alang quota,so immediate solution,jump into the nearest municipality n my quota,then gnawa ko nga agad,worse come to worse ayaw ako bgyan ng endoresement letter kc rw priority nila constituent nila,bat ganun sana sinabay n lng nila lhat then sa exam n lng magkktalo,my PAT p nman po db?..tuloy triple adrinalin rush km ngaun…ang ms di maiiwasan,”palakasan” nnman…politics involved again–

  26. sir ano ibig sabihin ng lateral entry? salamat. 🙂

    • lateral entry kapag pumasok ka sa PNP as civilian tapos Police Commissioned Officer ka agad, start yun sa Police Inspector(Tenyente). Nangyayari lang yun pag may quota, kadalasan sa mga technical courses, gaya ng Nursing, Medicine, Psychology, Chemist, Engineers, etc. Sa mga Doctors,Lawyers, at Pari, Senior Inspector(Kapitan) agad sila pagpasok, Lateral Entry pa rin yung tawag kapag Police Non-commissioned Officer ka tapos naging opisyal ka kaagad(start from police inspector. For example, in-service ka na, kunyari P02 ka tapos may quota ng lateral entry, pwede ka maging opisyal agad pag qualified ka taz natapos mo yung required training. Pag di ka dumaan sa lateral entry at naging opisyal ka, tawag sa’yo “rose from the ranks”. 🙂

      For your guidance, pwede kang mag-refer sa Republic Act 6975 .

  27. hi sir …MABUHAY! isa po ko manggagamot. gusto ko po pumasok sa pnp org kaso ndee ko po alam mga requirements. Pede po ba pahingi ng requirements pati ung folder and tabbing requirements for doctors. Sir my quota po ba ang lateral entry for doctors? kelan po ba ang start sa year 2012? kelan ba dapat magsubmit ng forms for next yr.. pls guide me po. Im 28 years old po and i hold three professional degrees.. medtech and medicine po.. and finished my masters degree in public health.. tnx po

  28. Sir,

    klan po ba ulit ang next qouta sa PNP?Pag po sakali bY July ung start ng aplayan,ano po ba ang posible month ng oath?kc Im 30 years old last January,hahabol pa kaya ung age q pag mag apply aq by July?

  29. Question po. kelangan ba english lang salita sa oral? or pwd ring mag tagalog??? salamat po sa sagot

  30. Good day sir, i passed the philippine airforce qualifying exam,the next step is physical test. I’m worried that i have a child but not married. Is it okay? My backround check ba or something like that?

    • In PNP there is Initial Background Investigation to applicants and Complete Background Investigation(CBI) usually while on training, I’m not sure about the AFP, but better be honest in filling up forms.

  31. very fruitful naman po ng thread na to.. salamat TS.. mag aapply palang po ako sa PNP this coming recruitment, tpos na po folder ko at sana makapasa din ng neuro psychiatric a graduate of BS.Crim.. salamat po sa mga tips.. 😀

  32. sir active p b to?ty dami ko natutunan

  33. sir gud day…gusto kng tumulong sa brother ko..pang take 5 na kc sya ng nuero hindi poh sya nkka pasa.naawa na po kc ako sa knya & sa nanay nmin pwdi poh ba akong mkahingi ng mga guide 4 pnp neuro examination? pra ma review ko ung brother ko..thank u poh

  34. Sir Naguguluhan tlaga ako pagdating sa neuro exam…anu nga ba ung mga siguradong tips? We hav a qouta here this april 2012.tnx

  35. mga tol at pre ako pang 4 na nag aply sa pnp..hehehe ganito ka hirap pnp..pasokan . so tyaga lang tau,, makukuha din natin to

  36. malapit na ung exam sa amin sa region 13 ..

  37. Hello po, just want to ask lang po if pwede po ba akong mag-apply sa PNP? I am a registered nurse and as far as I know for the girls may height requirement na at least 5’2″ eh 5 flat lag po ako.. Is there any other way pa po ba? Thanks in advance 🙂

    • you’ll need a Height Waiver po, certification po un na member ka ng isang group or tribe that aren’t usually born tall, other than that kelangan sobra-sobra yung quota para maisali sa processing ung mga Underheight(below 5’2″ for females and below 5’4″ for males)

  38. sir good PM po!! ilan po ba ang quota ng PNP dito sa region CAR?kelan po ang agility at neuro test?salamat RANDY from ABRA

  39. Goodluck to all PNP applicants having NP(Neuro-Psych) Exam this May 1, 2012 🙂

  40. sir gud day! wanna ask lang po, kailangan po ba na maganda talaga ang pagkadrawing? tnx ahead

  41. sir gud day! sir hingi po sana aq ng tips at advise with regards sa drawing po, thank you!

  42. sa may 1 neuro – Psych exam

  43. hi sir
    Good day

    I hope u can reply asap
    if nabagsak ka buh sa neuro before taz ng apply ka nah namn after 6 months. is there a possibility na mkapasa ka nah ?

    • pwede na, parang drug test result ang NP(Neuro-Psych) Exam, pede ka umulit kung kelan mo gusto, tapos magagamit mo cia in 6 months, pero kahit pasado ka ngayon tapos lumampas na ang 6 months, kelangan mo na magtake ulit

  44. on the drawing part of the neuro exam, is it okay if it is not very artistic but as long as it is complete?semachi

  45. good day sir..

    mag take po ako ng neuro tomorrow
    ask ko lng po ung sa drawing ng MALE and FEMALE
    pwede po bang ung SISTER and BROTHER ko ung
    gawing kong sample or mas oki kung ung



  46. good luck sa neuro natin bukas mga mates! God has a plan for each of us…

  47. @ sheng, semachi, ZHY and other readers: Regarding sa drawing, hindi naman kelangan maganda, actually nagkatawanan pa nga kami ng katabi ko nun nung magkakitaan kami ng drawing, hehe, basta magmukhang lalake ung isa at saka babae yung isa, then yung mga tamang details ng katawan, e.g. 5 na fingers, medyo maayos na proportion, mga ganun lang. Hindi naman kailangan na kayo mismo o kaya kamag-anak nio, basta idescribe nio lang ng maayos.

    Basta relax lang, saka THINK NORMAL.
    PASS or FAIL lang yun, kelangan mo lng maging average na tao.
    Good Luck! 😉

  48. THANK YOU…….

    • gud day sir

      ask ko lng po bout sa pag drawing dapat po ba maganda and ung sa pagsasalita required po b ang english or tagalog kc ds cming july 1 na po ung neuro exam nmen eh…tnx

      • Di naman kailangang maganda, just make it a point that you do your best and draw something a normal person would draw.

        Ito lng tandaan mo regarding sa “language to use”:

        If the question is in English, answer it in English.
        Kung ang tanong ay tagalog, sagutin mo ng tagalog.
        Kapag bisaya, bisaya man dung.
        Nu ilokano, ukinnana, ilokanuem met ah…

  49. salamat sa mga info na naka post dito sir..i find this site very informative at helpful both sa civilian at sa mga in uniform..god bless sir..keep up the good work.

  50. helow po sir ask ko lang po bakit criminology hindi ba,pwede sa lateral entry?

    • Pwede naman kaso dapat in service ka na, at least P02. Di gaya ng ibang technical courses na pwede from civilian. Anyway ang advantage naman ng criminologist ay laging may quota sa mga line officers, wag ka lng mag-aaply sa ibang unit sa Camp Crame gaya ng Health Service, Engineering Service, etc. so mas madami parin criminologist na na-lalateral entry.

  51. Batch2013 goodluck sa amin sana isa ako sa makapasok sa pnp

  52. Gud day sir.. PNP applicant po ako.. Ask lng po ako sa submission ng requirements.. Kelangan b authenticated evry copy of documents.. Thank u sir..

    • Hi Brye, kelangan talaga authenticated or original copy, kaya pag kukuha ka ng clearance o ibang documents pa-authenticate ka na agad ng extra, pag nakapasok ka kakailanganin mo ng at least 4 authenticated copies kasi apat na folder ipapasa nio, plus at least 3 na puro photocopy lang ang laman, so ang total nun ay 7 na folders.

  53. sir regarding sa drawing sa Np exam ..kelangan po ba tlga ma emphasize yung 5 fingers? d pa pede close fist nlng e draw??hheheh ..d ko kc tlga talent ang mag drawing..bka mag mukhang uod yung 5 fingers na dinrawing ko..hahahha

    • It’s not totally about the fingers naman. Maraming part ang Neuro-psych exam, mahihirapan nga kaung tapusin yun ng dalawang oras pag pinagawa lahat.
      Ganito nalang, nung ako ang nagneuro natatawa talaga ako sa drawing ko; tapos nung pasahan na nakita ko drawing ng katabi ko. Natawa talaga ako sa drawing nia sa harap mismo nia, mas malala pa sa akin. Anyway pumasa kami pareho. So don’t think much about the drawing, just follow instructions as you read them.

  54. SIR if nabagsak sa Neuro pwede ho bang malaman kung ano ang result namin?

    • Sa Neuro naman dalawang lang yung result. Either RECOMMENDED or NOT RECOMMENDED. Transmittal na lng ang makikita mo.

      Di na sasabihin sau specifically if why, pero sa ipapasa ng Psychologist sa taas na profiling, nandun ung reason. Irereview din kac un.

  55. Hello sir. is it true that underheight applicants with height waiver/s are 2nd priorities during the hiring of PNPs? Thanks a lot sir 🙂

    • Well, actually totoo un in most cases, may batas kasi tungkol sa age limit and height requirement at may batas din naman tungkol sa exemption(those with height waivers and age waivers). Actually sinubukan yang ipawalang bisa last year pero di pinayagan.

      Tip lang ang maibibigay ko sau. Ang magandang gawin mo pag underheight ka at meron kang height waiver ay mag-pasa ka ng folder sa lugar or office na madaming quota palagi (Region 4A, Region 3, Special Action Force to name a few).
      Isa rin sa magandang gawin ay magpass ka sa dalawang Unit, o kahit tatlo, mdyo magastos nga lang un kasi yun kac original/authenticated documents ang required.
      Pag nag-start na processing, pakiramdaman mo na agad kung kukulangin ba o magkakaltasan pa. Pag sobrang madami aplikante i-pull out mo na folder mo tapos sa ihabol mo sa iba.
      Nangyayari yan kahit sa mga hindi underheight. For example, may mga taga Region 2 na sa Region 3, o 4 nag-aapply.

      Anyway madami ka naman pwede pang applyan, gaya ng BJMP and Bureau of Fire Protection. Kung ganung klase ng work talaga gusto mo.

  56. sana po maging priority na ang mga criminologists….

  57. uhm hi sir, im applying po now dis year and under processing n po s region folder nmin,,and tapos n po ung attrition and i got rank 1 po,, is there any advantage pg nkuha ka s attrition? thanks po So Help me God on applying PNP…

    • Hello Rose Anne, and to other readers, I have limited time answering so I will only entertain general questions like this one.
      Attrition quota means you are being recruited because some personnel are either retiring, dismissed, resigned, deceased, etc., and the quota will be used to replace them.

      Ang advantage nian madali ka ma-aassign sa lugar na pinag-pasahan mo ng folder(e.g. your Municipal Police Station), kasi may kulang sa bilang ng personnel nila. After training and few months in RPSB pwede ka ma-“download” na agad sa inyo.
      As for Regular Quota, pwede ka i-assign kahit saang lugar or office sa Region na pinag-applayan mo, pero d naman ibig sabihin na di ka maa-assign sa lugar niyo.

  58. sir goodday po sa inyo.. Kkapasa ko lng sa regular application dto sa bulacan. Bale waiting na lng ako sa feedback ng police station dto.. Sa mga mkkbasa na mga kabatchmate ko, hndi man tyo pumasa ang importante ibigay ntin ang lahat pra walang pagsisisi.. Goodluck sa ating mga future PNP!!

  59. gud am sir/ma’am,, i just want to ask from you ma’am/sir that,is taking the nuerological examination is very difficult? tnx ma’am sir….waiting for the answer 🙂

    • I cannot say that it is easy.

      It is a test so it involves thinking. It may not be difficult to some but others may find it hard. It involves several parts, so make sure you manage your time well during the NP exam.

  60. sana mkapasok n tayo this year,ebigay ntin ang lahat ng makakaya natin para sa ating pamilya.god bless gud luck.

  61. i just want to think maam/sir for your time and efforts answering those important questions.

  62. mam/sir thank u 4 ur kindness,may God bless u always.

  63. sir , i just wanna ask if erasures is just okay in neuro exam?

  64. Hi sir, sa region 3, Kelan malalaman kung tanggap ka para magneuro exam? Tnx a lot.

    • @koi, actually ang NP Exams ang 1st step sa recruitment, so as long as kumpleto ang papers mo, tapos na-receive nila ‘yung folder mo, that means kasama ka na sa i-eendorse para sa mag-exam.

      • Oh nice sir. Pero bakit dito sa PRO-COR, ini-ranking kaagad ung mga applicants based on their educational attainment and eligibilities.

  65. sir. good day ask lang po ako nag aapply kasi kmi dito sa region 6 kung nkapasa ka po sa NP at sa Medcal bumagsak ka ilang buwan ka ulit mkaka apply sa PNP? sana ma sagot po ninyo tanong niyo im waiting for your response

    ( Chow ) BCC

    • Actually pwede ka na ulit mag-apply anytime na may recruitment, unless yung findings sa’yo nun ay permanent na condition/disease. Kac kung mag-aaply ka ulit tapos ang reason ng failure mo sa medical exams ay permanent conditions gaya ng colorblindness, Hepa B positive, severe scoliosis, etc., most probably di ka rin ulit matatanggap. Pero kung na-fail ka dati dahil sa condition or sakit mo nun tapos wala na ‘yun ngaun, pwede na ulit, at malaki chance mo na pumasa na kasi alam mo na kung bakit ka deferred dati.

      In case of NP Exams naman, dapat after six(6) months muna bago ka makapag-apply ulit kung NOT RECOMMENDED ka dati.

  66. Hello sir I would like to ask if crowding ng ngipin could disqualify an applicant or would it just be recommended to be fixed. I have already had undergone odontectomy to have my impacted teeth be surgically removed.
    Thanks and more power sir 😉

  67. Sir good day. Kung my impacted tooth ka, madidisqualify ka sa dental exam?

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