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How to get a Police Clearance

1. Go to your nearest Police District Station. If you are from Manila, go to MPD Office in United Nations Avenue, Ermita. (Cr. Taft Avenue, just beside Araullo Highschool.)

2. As soon as you reach the area, buy a CEDULA (Community Tax Certificate) and fill a form. If you already have Cedula, go directly to the receiving window after filling a form. Cedula is worth 5 pesos, sometimes 6 or 7 pesos.

3. Give your FORM, CEDULA and PAYMENT(20 pesos) to the receiving window. They will advice you to return after 2-3 days.

4. If you want your Police clearance to be claimed on the same day, ask if they have “rush” service. If the recipient said, “ibang usapan na yun”, then you have a chance. Usually, they will ask you for additional 50 pesos, and you’ll have your Police Clearance in 1-2 hours. Many applicants choose the rush service due to its convenience. To make it clear, your 50 pesos will not have an official receipt, it is really  “ibang usapan na”.

5. Prepare 2 PIECES 1×1 photo, in COLLAR, with NAME TAG during claim time. 1 will be left for your record and the other one will be pasted on your clearance. If you don’t have available 1×1 photo, they offer id services, just prepare 50 pesos.

6. Police Clearance EXPIRES in 6 months after date of issue.

Note: Barangay Clearance is a prerequisite in  getting a Police Clearance although some areas like the MPD office in UN cr. Taft won’t require you to show one. Also, always bring a valid ID just in case.


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