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How to get a Mayor’s Clearance

Mayor’s Clearance is a lot different from Mayor’s Permit so be careful when getting one.

1. Go to your Municipal/City Mayor’s Office. Bring Police Clearance and Cedula(Community Tax Certificate)

2. Inform them that you want to get a Mayor’s Clearance.

3. The Secretary to the Mayor will assist you. He/She will give you a form to fill-up and instructions on how much and where to pay. Payment is 20 pesos.

4. Get back to the secretary after paying. He/She will tell you to claim your Clearance on the next day.

5. If you want an authenticated copy, you’ll have to submit photocopy of your Mayor’s Clearance and pay 20 pesos per copy.

2 Responses to “How to get a Mayor’s Clearance”

  1. how much is a court clearance? i read a arcticles on how to get clearnces, and i noticed that it is only 50 pesos but in our place, i was asked to pay 40 pesos at the cashier before getting the court clearance and after that i was asked again to pay another 50 pesos, .is that the right amount?

  2. If it is a Regional Trial Court (RTC) Clearance then it is 50 pesos for the paper plus 25 pesos for the documentary stamp. Government offices provides official receipts in all transactions but they seldom give receipts in documentary stamps. Payments for authenticated copies are also not provided with receipts.

    Ideally, documentary stamps cost only 20-25 pesos. If they didn’t specify the purpose of the amount they are asking then you should inquire about it first. It may not be the the right amount and the right payment at all, especially when official receipts are not provided.

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