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How to get a Barangay Clearance

1. If you don’t have any idea, ask someone who have tried getting one in your Barangay. This is because the barangays don’t practice universal way of dispensing clearances.

2. If you can’t talk to anybody who has an idea, go to your Barangay Hall and bring a valid ID just in case it will be asked(usually, it is not required).

3. Barangay Clearance is FREE. The Baragay secretary will be the one to encode your information. You just have to provide all the information needed. These includes: Name, Address, and the length of time you’ve been staying in the Barangay(6 mos. minimum is required).

4. After your information is encoded, the Secretary will mark yor clearance with a DRY SEAL (which is very important).

5. Last step would be the Barangay Chairman’s SIGNATURE (which is as important as the dry seal).

6. Say thank you and good day.

7. Barangay Clearance EXPIRES at the END OF THE YEAR usually on December 20.

                            Here’s how it works in our area.

I first go to the secretary’s resident, leave a paper containing the required information and then come back at the time she will tell me. Usually in the afternoon, I will claim my clearance with everything in it except the Chairman’s signature. My next step is to look for the chairman, wherever he may be, and let him sign. I usually go to their resident in the evening.


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  1. By the way, I heard that not all Barangays give clearances for FREE. Feel free to share whatever you know regarding the fees being collected in your area.

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