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I will not post a comprehensive step by step guide because there are posted guidelines in the “area” once you are in Victory Central Mall. If you have some questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Here are some Guidelines in random:

  • Don’t forget to bring valid ID
  • The easiest way to Victor Central Mall is through the LRT 1.
  • For renewals using your “card”, go directly inside presenting your NBI Renewal Card to the guards. No forms needed. The renewal kiosks machine closes at 2 PM. In case you came in later than 2 PM, pay at the cashier(step2) and proceed immediately to the Fast Lane. You may have to go back the next working day to claim your clearance.
  • Authentication is Free. Just pass a photocopy of your NBI clearance to be authenticated.


Please take note that this has been an outdated post, there has been a completely new system of clearance processing since their contract with the previous data provider expired.

They call it the NBI Biometric Clearance System.

IF you are from Metro Manila, it is best to go the NBI Clearance Center in U.N Avenue, Ermita, Manila(can be accessed through LRT1).

Take note that the Clearance Center in Victory Central Mall is no longer in bussiness so don’t go in there.
There are still kiosks and branches all over the Philippines so please check out their official website for the list.

The “renewal card” being issued before can no longer be utilized, but there has been other options such as online application (check their official website for payment options and processing).

Remember to bring at least two(2) valid ID.

If you’re from provinces outside Metro Manila, it is sometimes better to apply for NBI clearance in your area. This is due to the fact that there are less applicants to line with; thus, making your transaction faster. Although that isn’t the case to most branches since they usually also have less personnel to accommodate applicants.


You will need: *Payment (140 pesos per copy), Valid ID

Go to NSO East Avenue.

1. Get an Application Form and Que Number from the Information Marshall.

Fill the required fields in the form.

2. Proceed to the Screening Area. Wait till your Q number is under the ranges of numbers being served as displayed in the screen.

It may take several minutes. There are about 12 tables in the screening area., fall in line as soon as you are allowed to enter.

3. Proceed to the Payment Area.

You may have to wait again until you are allowed to fall in line. There are 24 windows available. Four (4) windows are designated for those who will pay the “exact amount” (no change).

4. Pay at the Collecting Officer, don’t forget to get your Official Receipt.

Check the details of your receipt before leaving; inform the collecting officer; inform them in case there are wrong details.

5. Check your receipt regarding the details of your documents release.

The Collecting Officer/Cashier will write in hand the date and time of your document’s release. It also includes the Window Number where you will claim your papers.

There are Nine (9) windows available. The date and time of release varies. If you came early in the morning, you might claim it in the middle of the day. If you came late in the afternoon, you may be scheduled to claim it on  the next day @ the morning. You can’t enter the Releasing Area unless you are in the area “at the time” or “after the time” written in your receipt. For example, if you applied in the afternoon and you were scheduled to claim at 10 am in the morning you cannot enter the Releasing Area  before 10 am. You can, however, claim your documents after your designated time. If you arrived at the NSO by after the scheduled time, you can directly proceed to the Releasing Area and fall in line where our designated window is.

Unclaimed documents are disposed 30 days from the date of release.

Do not forget to bring a valid ID.

If you are applying or claiming for another person, you will need authorization letter and a valid ID from the person named in the document.


What you need: Photocopy of Cedula, 80 pesos for payment

1. Go to a DI Clearance Releasing Office. In Manila Area, you can get one at the National Headquarters of Philippine National Police, Camp Crame, Quezon City. The application window is located along Bonny Serrano Avenue (formerly Santolan Road), beside the pedestrian entrance.

2. Secure Application Form and Order of Payment Form at Window 1.
You have to present a photocopy of your cedula. Fill the form out.
3. Proceed to Window 2, present your completed forms and pay 80 pesos.
4. Proceed to Window 3 for picture taking. Present your accomplised form and receipt. A camera (webcam) is set at the window so you just have to stand infront of it.

5. The clerk will give you back your receipt. Proceed to window 4 and wait until your name is called (about 5-10 minutes). If your name appears to have derogatory record, you may have to wait for their instructions.

6. If you want an authenticated copy, have a photocopy of your PNP-DI Clearance and pass it back to Window 1. It is FREE, although it would take few hours depending on the time when you passed the photocopy of your clearance. If you secured a copy late in the afternoon, you may have to come back on the next day for the authenticated copy.

The windows are OPEN on weekdays from 08:00 am-05:00 pm. They are close on weekends and regular holidays.


The Philippine National Police (PNP) conducts Neuro-psych Examination to test mental stability, adaptability and psychological functioning of applicants before they are being recruited into service.

The examination comprises several parts. It includes a 35 items Aptitude (Adaptation) Test, Guilford Zimmerman Temperament Survey, Applicant Risk Profiler, The Industrial Sentence Completion Test, Work Environment Preference Schedule (WEPS), Hand Test, and  the “Drawing”.

The 35 items aptitude test or commonly, the IQ test, is taken only in 15 minutes. The proctors are strict regarding the time limit so never think that they will give you time extension. A lot, if not all of the applicants will not complete the test. They will remind you about that before the exam. Others might not even reach the next page. The wise thing to do is the usual trick of answering everything you can first, and then go back to difficult items incase you still have time.

On the other parts, the proctors will then give applicants enough time to answer. Time extensions are possible. They are mostly surveys answerable by YES or NO. Other are the same as the usual research survey types. I am talking about the questions answerable by choosing among “Strongly Agree, Agree, Neutral… to Strongly Disagree”.

In the Hand Test, the applicant writes a phrase that describes the given figure of hands, depending on what he/she perceives. The last part would be the “Drawing”. Here, you are asked to draw two persons in opposite sex. After that, you describe each drawing/make story of it in 4-5 sentences.

The first part should be the Information Sheet, although you can fill it up lastly. It is all about you; from your name, to your immediate family, and up to your strengths and weaknesses. You will be asked to write an essay about you in not less than 300 words.

The most important thing is to NEVER LEAVE ANYTHING BLANK. You have to answer everything and give what is being asked. Unanswered questions might determine whether you past or fail the exam.


The PNP Health Service conducts series of medical examinations as part of the recruitment process. The first step is the General Physical Examination (GPE). As a member of the aspiring recruits, I was lucky enough to survive and tell the story about the process. And the story goes this way…

The GPE starts with around 20 people in a room fully naked. Basically, they will divide the aspiring recruits/applicants into two depending on their total number. In our case, we were 24 during the first batch. The 2nd batch were a bit unlucky because other applicants from other unit were mixed in their group. They were a total of around 40 in the medium-sized room.

The GPE starts with “jumping jacks”. And you’re going to do it totally naked until all of you sweat. That would be around 20 minutes. Fortunately for the girls, they won’t do jumping jacks, but they also being checked fully naked, obviously they are grouped separately from the boys. I am not sure about the reason why jumping jacks has to be done. Although, we assume that it is done for the purpose of checking whether we have inguinal hernia (luslos) or none.

After the twenty-minute jumping-jacks, we were called one-by-one by our names. When one is called, he’ll go in front of the doctor; which was seated in front, raise his arms and rotate. The doctor will then say “tuwad”, so the applicant will show his anus to the him; that is to check for anal hemorrhoids. After that, the applicant can put his clothes back and watch the other applicants do what he just did.

Depending on the case, the doctor might ask some questions if he finds something unusual. If the defect is reversible, compliance to the doctors suggestions could be done. If not reversible, the applicant is automatically out of the recruitment process.


I started jogging in Cagayan in preparation for the Physical Agility Test as required when applying as a PNP Recruit. That was after passing my documents at PNP Health Service in Camp Crame. Since I didn’t have enough time, I jogged only twice in Cagayan. The environment was great, it is an uncemented secondary road with vast ricefields on both sides. My only problem is that I usually wakes up early, takes coffee and some pandesal, and leaves home late, usually at 6:30 am. I jogged comfortably in my slippers.

As I went back to Manila, I completed my remaining schedule in UST Hospital (IV therapy training) and went back to jogging. This time I bought a Reebok Crussion (which the salesman told me to be the best running shoes in the store) and some running shorts. I walked for about 20 minutes to UST Grounds, jogged and ran for about 30 minutes and walked back to home again. At first, I am not sure if everybody is allowed to jog in UST grounds. I just ran in through the gate and went on to the quadrangle. Later did I know that I am supposed to have a “jogging pass” when entering the UST grounds for jogging. I was able to realize it when on my third day, a guard asked me if I have a jogging pass, I told him that I am a trainee from the nursing service so he allowed me inside. After that, as soon as I got home, I searched the web about jogging in UST, and I learned everything about the jogging pass thru an online article from the official university paper “Varsitarian”.

I mentioned the incident to my neighbor and he told me about Speaker Perez St. in Quezon City. The next morning, I ended up running in Speaker Perez St., together with its parallel road, the Apo St. The place is great for joggers and runners alike since the streets were wide and there are few vehicles passing by. Furthermore, The streets were series of uphill and downhill paths making running more challenging when you are running uphill. I ran for about 4 mornings in Speaker Perez before our Physical Agility Test.

Regarding the “jogging pass” in UST, you must sumbit a BIODATA with picture and pay 100 pesos to acquire one. The jogging pass is valid for a year.


What you will need: 1. Police Clearance 2.NBI clearance 3. Fiscal Clearance 4. Cedula

1. Go to your Metropolitan Trial Court Office. If you are from Manila, go to Bulwagan ng Katarungan Building in Lawton, just in front on the LRT1 Central Station.

2. Show all your requirements to the receiving window. They will instruct you what to do, give you a form to fill and give you the unsigned clearance for you to photocopy (to be left as the clerks copy).

3. Pay the required fees(30 pesos + 15 pesos) at the cashier.

4. In MTC Office in Lawton, they will give you your unsigned clearance and instruct you to proceed to the Clerk of Court’s Office for the signature.

5. You can have your clearance in as fast as 15-20 minutes a if your transactions smoothly flowed.

You can request for an extra copy (authenticated) by submitting photocopy of your clearance and paying the required fees (45 pesos?).

Payments may vary depending on the City you are applying into.


Requirements: 1. Accomplished Form No. 1 (Provided in the Area; it is the Application Form)    2. NBI certificate (valid, photocopy) 3. Community Tax Certificate or Cedula (photocopy) 4. Proof of Payment of the Required Fees

1. Go to the Office of City Prosecutor. If you are from Manila, it is located 2nd floor in Manila City Hall.

2. Ask for the Application Form, fill it up and pass it with your requirements.

3. They will give you instructions on what to pay and where to pay it. You have to pay 50 pesos for Clearance, and 20 pesos for the tax (paid on separate cashier), plus the metered documentary stamp(21 pesos)

4. Put on your Right Thumbmark, pass your form with the receipts and wait for your name to be called.

5. It usually takes few to several hours depending on the presence of signatories.

6. If you want an authenticated copy, make a letter requesting for an authenticated copy (it doesn’t have to be too formal), submit a photocopy of your clearance and pay a total of 60 pesos.


1. Go to your RTC Office. It is usually located on the City Hall. If you are from NCR go to Room 400, 4th Floor Manila City Hall (Tel. # 5275182)

2. Bring CEDULA (Community Tax Certificate). If you don’t have one, buy at hallways (groundfloor) in Manila City Hall. Ii is worth 5 pesos.

2. Fill a form up, include the details of your Cedula. Then give the form back.

3. Wait until your name is called. Upon receiving the Clearance, check the details and put your thumbmarks and signature.

4. Bring it back to the window and pay 50 pesos. Ask for instructions on what to do next.

5. You’ll have to pay another 25 pesos for the Metered Documentary Stamp.

6. Upon receiving your papers again, proceed to the Authentication Room for the final stamps, signatures and dry seal. Check if all signatures and dry seal are complete.

Depending on the flow of transactions, number of applicants, and presence of signatories you can have your RTC Clearance in as quick as 20 minutes; but if you are unfortunate enough you may wait for as much as 2 hours.

If you want an authenticated copy, submit a photocopy of your RTC Clearance and pay 10 pesos(authentication fee) per page.


Mayor’s Clearance is a lot different from Mayor’s Permit so be careful when getting one.

1. Go to your Municipal/City Mayor’s Office. Bring Police Clearance and Cedula(Community Tax Certificate)

2. Inform them that you want to get a Mayor’s Clearance.

3. The Secretary to the Mayor will assist you. He/She will give you a form to fill-up and instructions on how much and where to pay. Payment is 20 pesos.

4. Get back to the secretary after paying. He/She will tell you to claim your Clearance on the next day.

5. If you want an authenticated copy, you’ll have to submit photocopy of your Mayor’s Clearance and pay 20 pesos per copy.